Chiropractic Care: We are In-Network Providers for most health insurance companies. That means you will only be responsible for your Co-Pay Co-Insurance and/or Deductible (up to your plans limits, should there be any). Some plans may require a Referral from your Primary Care Physician in order for you to be seen by chiropractic specialist. If you're not sure if you have chiropractic benefits, give us a call and we'll check for you.

Nutritional Counseling: While your health insurance may cover basic laboratory testing, much of the extensive testing done in our office is not covered by insurance plans. Therefore, we will not bill your insurance company for your consults, tests or supplements. Payment must be made in full prior to each phase of care. 


There are NO contracts to sign in order to receive care in our office. You do not have to commit yourself (and your family) to a certain number of visits per year. Nor, do you have to attend any workshops. Your visit frequency will depend on the severity of your condition and how well you improve with care. Some patients will improve in just a few visits, while others may require many more visits to correct the problem(s). If you do not have health insurance (or, do not have chiropractic benefits with your health insurance), please give us a call to determine the fees that will apply specifically to your case. 


We do not X-Ray every single patient and only request X-Rays be taken (prior to beginning care) if you've been involved in an accident. We will order diagnostic imaging (X-Ray, MRI) should your condition warrant such procedures during the examination, worsen during the course of care or if you have a known active disease. Your health insurance company may permit specialists to order tests, or it may require you to obtain the script from your Primary Care Physician.